Leg Surgery Game Information

The leg surgery game that is available online is one of the most comprehensive looks at leg surgery that is available online. You get to be the doctor, and perform the virtual surgery. The game takes you through every aspect of the process, and it is a great way for anyone to learn more about what it really takes to be a surgeon.

You are the doctor for a 76 year old man. The site begins by telling you all of the necessary steps that must be taken before beginning surgery. They take you through a comparison of vital signs. You also get to decide which knee needs surgery based upon the x-rays. They then show you that the nurse has inserted the IV, and you get to draw with the virtual marker the exact spot where the surgery will take place.

Then the leg surgery game talks about the role of the anesthesiologist. The site also teaches you the purpose of the drugs that are used for the surgery, so you really learn much more than the average website can teach you about the surgery. The site takes you through every step of the surgery preparation. You also learn why the doctor’s do what they do with the antibacterial solution and the drapes.

The next step is to draw your cutting path. You take the virtual scalpel and cut the knee open. The site then allows you to prep the open area, and it teaches you about the specific bones that are being worked on, and it also allows you to virtually snip the extra bones parts that will be in the way during the surgery.

Users then have the opportunity to shape the bones, so that the new knee will fit the patient properly. This involves sawing, cutting, hammering, and chiseling. This is followed by placing the new knee parts where they belong, and then more questions are asked. The continuous questioning really makes young people think about the procedure, and gives them the chance to think more abstractly than normal.

The leg surgery game then calls for you to test your work. As the doctor, you have to check your work to make sure that the range of motion is correct, and that there is not any sideways bending. If the knee is moving sideways, then there is a problem with the surgery. If the fit is good, you have to put the cement on the objects and put them together permanently.

Another range of motion test is conducted to ensure that all is working properly. The cement takes about 15 minutes to dry, but you don’t have to wait during the game. Everything is working well, so you then suture the knee back together.

The leg surgery game is probably the most comprehensive online game that is available for free on the internet. It is interactive and gives everyone the chance to see what it is like to be a doctor. Grab your mouse and begin.